Introducing Multi Sync App

An application that allows selected tweets from multiple Twitter accounts to be shared on Facebook. You can also update multiple Facebook pages from one Twitter account.
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Multi Sync App

Why Multi Sync App?

With other tools you can only synchronise one Twitter account with one Facebook account. With Multi Sync you can link multiple accounts to each other. What’s more, you can continue using your favourite social media tools as Multi Sync App runs behind the scenes. Only tweets that include your chosen hashtag are posted onto Facebook. You can also decide what the hashtag should be.

No new Apps Needed

Content creators can continue to use their favourite social media apps.

Custom Text

You can add text to tweets that are shared on Facebook.

Selective sharing

Only posts that include your trigger #hashtag will be shared.

Unlimited Combinations

Share from multiple Twitter accounts to a single Facebook page.

Customise to suit your needs

Multi Sync App can be customised through your own admin area. Allowing you to change accounts, update hashtags, add custom text and more.