About Multi Sync App

Multi Sync App was created to give content creators greater ability and control when sharing status updates between Twitter and Facebook.

It was designed specifically in consultation with organisations who’s social media networks consist of multiple Twitter and Facebook profiles and have a desire to share updates between those accounts.

Focused around using hashtags as a trigger to sharing content, Multi Sync App allows content creators to continue using their preferred social media applications and does not require installation of any third-party applications. Once configured, it runs seamlessly in the background.

How Does It Work?

Multi Sync App watches your Twitter feeds for any tweets that include your specified hashtag. When Multi Sync App finds a tweet, with your particular hashtag it is automatically published to your Facebook page.

How Does It Know Which Tweets to share onto Facebook?

Within your settings area, you define what we call ‘Rules’. A rule will define what Twitter accounts are monitored, what hashtag they need to use and what Facebook page tweets will be shared onto. There are plenty of other customisations you can include too – such as additional text on the tweets shared. For example “This update came from John Smith on Twitter @JohnSmith”